Live listening music in cosy venues
“It's a delight to play here. Long may it continue.” John Doyle.
“This is a great venue. I have really, really enjoyed playing here.” Martin Simpson.
“I really like this little venue.” Pierre Bensusan.
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How to get tickets

All the events are listed under “UPCOMING EVENTS” in the left-hand column. Click on the event you are interested in. The details of that event will appear in the main part of the web page. Click on the “+” and “-” buttons to select the number of tickets you want.

When you click on the “buy” button you are directed to Stripe where your tickets purchase is handled.

Once your card details have been verified, your card is charged and you are returned to this web site. Your tickets are then automatically generated then displayed on your screen and emailed to you.

How we charge your card

We use:


The handling of your card payment is done entirely through Stripe. The Pindrop Events web site does not have access to any information about your card.

How Secure is it?

Because we use Stripe your card details are not seen by us. When you enter your card details you are communicating with not this web site.

All the information sent by your web browser to is encrypted using HTTP Secure.

How it works

Each ticket has a number that looks something like this:


Bring these numbers along to the event, on a piece of paper or on your mobile phone.

There is one unique number for each ticket.

We recommend that you don't try to memorise them!

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer you can print the tickets using either the “Print” button or your web browser's print menu item.

If you are using a smartphone you can show the email containing the tickets at the event. You could also bookmark the tickets web page and show it at the event. Please note, however, that there may not be a network signal at the venue. Alternatively, it is possible to use cloud printing or save the tickets text to a file.

If you lose your tickets, or the tickets email does not arrive, just contact us to tell us and we will resend them.

We advise you to not share the ticket number with anyone. The number is your pass to the event!

Refunds: What happens if the event is cancelled?

If the event for which you have bought tickets does not go ahead, for any reason, we will express our apologies and refund you fully. The money will be refunded to the card you used to buy the tickets. You need take no action to claim a refund.

Please note that this does not mean that we have to retain any information about your card in order to process the refunds. The refund is managed entirely by Stripe on our instruction.

We will notify you as soon as possible of event cancellations using the email address you provided when you bought the tickets.

How many tickets can be bought?

Each event has its own limit on the number of tickets you can buy in one purchase.

Please note that the button you use to increase the number of tickets to buy is disabled when that limit is reached. It is also disabled at a lower number when the number of tickets remaining is limited.

What information do we keep about you?

We keep your email address and a "token" which Stripe send to us. The "token" is just a string of characters (rather like our ticket numbers) and has meaning only to Stripe.

We use your email address to send you your tickets and to inform you of future events.

We use the token only in the event that we need to refund your ticket money.

The card transaction is a one-time-only thing, managed by Stripe. The token we receive is unique to the one purchase and can be used only to refund you should the event be cancelled.

Logs of all transactions are maintained by Stripe, and we have access to these via our Stripe account (not via this web site.) The logs contain the last four digits of your card number, its expiry date and your postcode.



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When you buy tickets use cookies to make the interaction with them more secure and convenient.

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