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“It's a delight to play here. Long may it continue.” John Doyle.
“This is a great venue. I have really, really enjoyed playing here.” Martin Simpson.
“I really like this little venue.” Pierre Bensusan.
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“This is a great venue. I have really, really enjoyed playing here.” Martin Simpson.

“I really like this little venue.” Pierre Bensusan.

“This is a rare venue, intimate, atmospheric, extremely well-run with devoted attention to every aspect, sound, ambience, lighting, decor and conviviality. Bring your own refreshments, relax and be entertained!” Karen Bates.

“What a fantastic hidden gem of a venue!” “It‘s like a private party among friends. Enjoy the banter.” “A jewel by the hill” “Keep it secret”

Comments Received At Previous Events

Appleby Stone Duo, 14 Sep 2019, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night
"Brilliant! We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. Two encores!” “Superb arrangements and original songs. A wonderful evening. Thank you!”
Mo Foster
John Doyle, 4 May 2019, 8 p.m.

I think I speak for everyone and I know I speak for the three front tables when I say thank you for putting John Doyle on and say he gave us an excellent night. Third time I've seen him this year albeit first time I have ever seen a solo show and he never fails to impress. What a player. Again thanks to John and you two for a memorable night in a unique and lovely venue.

Martin Simpson, 2 Dec 2017, 8 p.m.
Audience messages

"Stunning gig from Mr Simpson on Friday in stunning venue and very well organised thanks to [Ken and Jan]. I now have two favourite venues, The Fleece at Bretforton and the Ale House. [I have] visited many venues across the country over the years but Ale House is now up there." Mark Owen.

Martha Tilston, 3 Dec 2016, 8 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"What a fantastic hidden gem of a venue! Such a friendly welcome and a very enjoyable evening of beautiful music." Jo Kelly

"Moving charming and funny - a total delight. Thank you!" Clare West

"Quite the best gig I have been to for years." Paddy Scot

"Smashing! Lovely venue & decorations. I liked the fiddle! I liked all of it!" Nicky Sears

"Brilliant. Mesmerising voice & lyrics - I loved the storytelling that accompanied and inspired your songs. The encore was sensational!" Jo & Dave Norton

"One word. BRILLIANT!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed both support and Martha! Great Venue!" [Ed: the support act was Weston & Harris, fabulous jazzed-tinged original folk guitar and harp. Big thanks to John Harris and Mattias Weston.]

"Beautiful venue, beautiful music, and a wonderfully unique atmosphere!" Peter Wild

"Great venue & incredibly intimate. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening." Chris Foulds

"I love Martha and I can't believe I got to see her in such an intimate beautiful perfect venue so caringly promoted - 2 miles from home. Thank you!" Annabel


"Brilliant Martha. Very insulting to hand these forms out! Even before it had finished. Shame on you." [Ed: The feedback forms are intended to invite comments on the venue, the production, the web site, the quality of the job we do, not the artist. I would have thought that was obvious. These concerts are not reality TV, or a game show. ]

Appleby Kinsey & Friends, 23 Sep 2016, 7:30 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"Excellent venue - great atmosphere - excellent music with superb musicians. Absolutely fabulous evening." Ian Shovlin.

"Lovely mix - Greg Knowles is a great guest for the group."

"Absolutely brilliant! Music is superb. So impressed with James" [Watson, Ed] "& the percussionist" [Greg Knowles] "- beautiful improvisation. Just in awe at the talent in the room - Brill! Brill! Brill! I love the venue, the music and the ambience." Jo Norton.

"It just gets better and better! Great vibes with James with the band. Loved his solo numbers too." Val Dawson.

"So varied - exciting! Great line-up, brilliant to hear the percussionist" [Greg Knowles] "and the classical jazz guitarist" [James Watson], "they all work so well together. Especially love the very talented singer/flautist/sax/clarinet player" [Emma Stone, no clarinet though, that was a soprano sax.] "WONDERFUL." Beverley Kinnaird

"Another fine set of musical combinations before winter draw(er)s on." [ :-) ]

"Brilliant - loved it!" Anna and Mike Byers

"Good stuff! Very polished, pleasing sound. Lively and authoritative playing. Please could the diction of the ladies be as clear as Ken's?" [Ed. I'll have words. Catherine Kinsey's lyrics are the most important part of the songs.] "Sound is very good."

"Brilliant... (we drove up from Salisbury to be here!) Richard Taylor." [Wow! Thank you!]

"Wonderful music. Shame the women weren't introduced as much as the men." [Noted. But I suppose this was because the two guest musicians were men?]

"Brilliant. Great musicianship."

"We don't think the two guitarists like each other!" [Ed. Eh? Some people are weird.] "Otherwise a lovely evening."

Little Rumba, 21 May 2016, 8 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"I have not been to an event like this before and now realise what I have been missing! Excellent evening." Alan Pike

"The Little Rumba band is magic! Superb sound, superb vocals - superb sax - superb accordion!! Great mixed sound and songs very worthwhile listening to, Bring them back!" Pat and Mike (?)

"Great - could feel a dance coming on. [Sax] player fab -" Caroline Humphreys

"The best so far."

"Brilliant. Great entertainment. Excellent musicians!" Steph Wren & Fran

"I've seen the band several times (and booked them once!) Best gig since the Lamb in 198? when they were called The Tango band. The Ale House has a very special atmosphere which is great for really listening to performers. Thanks." Ned Malton

"Excellent!" Ian Jones

"Little Rumba were fantastic. Lovely venue - candles, tables etc. - thank you. I would have liked a little space to dance by the door? without getting in people's way. ... Many thanks." [Ed: I'm afraid there just isn't enough space in the Ale House to allow that. It would involve losing at least two tables, making the event unviable.]

"Thank you"

"Great venue and atmosphere. Rumba - superb! Great songs - heard every word. Really tight band - expressive and they swing! Love the bass - solid! Great players - sax, violin & accordion. Delivered in a relaxed style. Loved Andy Morton - great songs, really individual and beautifully crafted - from the heart. Will be back for more!"

"Superb. Little Rumba & Andy Morton great songs with interesting stories & lyrics. Little Rumba fab musicians who obviously love what they do. Loved Andy Morton's voice - could listen all night to the vlevet tones & beautiful diction." Kate Stock.

"Thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Loved Little Rumba - hope others did too. Guitarist/vocalist was very good - really super voice & lovely guitar picking. Look forward to more of Appleby Kinsey. " Val & Rod Dawson.

Jess Morgan, Appleby Kinsey, 23 Apr 2016, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Really wonderful." Susan Seddon

"Yet another great night at the Ale House"

"Enjoyed Jess - incredible storyteller and songwriter"

"Jess Morgan: wish I could play guitar like that! Never heard of her before. Fab evening of music from you all. Many thanks."

"Fab! AK sounding terrific & Jess was super too! Well done all round & for usual ambience & complimentary nuts :-). Thank you for bringing music to the Ale House." Karen Bates xx

"Fabulous evening! Look forward to the next concert. Thank you." Nagi and Victoria El.Bay

"Wonderful. Great to see (hear) Appleby Kinsey doing so well with a new line-up. And Jess - what can I say - so professional, lovely lyrics & guitar. Really enjoyed the whole evening. Spellbinding." Val Dawson

Martha Tilston, The Rowan, 11 Mar 2016, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Brilliant music, lovely venue and hospitality! Thank you" - Joely

"Sweet venue, lovely atmosphere, nice nuts!" - Claire

"Excellent evening! Beautiful building and great nuts!"

"Fabulous" - Helen

"Enjoyed it very much - Martha as good as always! And we liked the nibbles... Possibly the nicest venue we've been in." - Peter and Hilary

"Lovely venue & audience" - Tom

"Supporting act was excellent. Good acoustics at this venue & very intimate." "The only reason I would not return is I'm not sure if you could make such a brilliant evening next time. (PS - we will be back)." - Chris Wild

Steve Tilston, Appleby Kinsey, 10 Dec 2015, 8 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"When I die and go to heaven, I hope it looks like the Ale House with heavenly music & Jan's mince pies."


"Great evening. Both acts were very good though Steve Tilston was outstanding/amazing/on top form..."

"It's like a private party among friends. Enjoy the banter. Lovely decorations. Yummy mince pies. Love the choruses."

"Fantastic - Thanks"

"Absolutely brilliant! Both sets were a pleasure to listen to & the mince pies were delicious & a nice Christmas touch."

"A perfect evening."

"Quite beautiful - what a spectacular duo of singers + great guitar, sax etc."


"Lovely venue, beautiful atmosphere / decor." Ray Stroud.

Ric Sanders & Vo Fletcher, The Rowan, 27 Nov 2015, 8 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"I swear I never had so much fun. Loved it"

"Excellent! Really enjoyed the contrasting bands."

"Very good. Enjoyed the contrast - good communication and engagement with audience with both sets ... exclusive +++"

"It just feels so good! Thank you K&J"

"What's with the new name? The Rowan?" [Ed: the group appeared before with the working name 'The Gwyneth Keen Trio' - they have since then decided on 'The Rowan' which we think fits perfectly the music they do. Not to be confused with 'Appleby Kinsey', an altogether different act which Ken Appleby and Olly Blanchflower perform in (though Olly has now left) and who will be performing at the next Ale House concert in December.]

"Lovely music from The Rowan, though very melancholy."

"Thank you for the cushions."


"Totally brilliant! Good venue."



"Very good - intimate setting - good atmosphere. Excellent and efficient web site. A great evening."


"Great fun - very enjoyable. Web site seems very efficient!. Brilliant."

"Very enjoyable."


"Fantastic. A great venue. Keep it secret."

Kings & Folk, Appleby Kinsey, 19 Sep 2015, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Fab, Inspiring."


"Very good, thoroughly enjoyed setting, ambience and especially the music."

"Thoroughly enjoyable evening."

"Ken's group excellent. Lots of swapping instruments, very hard to do, and singing great."

"Ken's group - fab. Great playing & singing. Kings & Folk excellent musicians & singers. Loved it."

"Such a lot of talent - both groups complimented each other. Great night - thank you."


"Thanks for the extra cushions!"

"Lovely evening - do invite 'The Kings' again."

"Loved it! Fab venue. Very welcoming. Great atmosphere."

Duo Montparnasse, The Gwyneth Keen Trio, 20 Jun 2015, 8 p.m.
Comments on our feedback forms:

"Absolutely superb - brilliant! Venue is brilliant. Loved the welcome email when we booked tickets. Both acts were a real pleasure - a privilege to be here - thank you!"

"FANTASTIC! Both acts differently brilliant."


"Definitely a concert of 2 halves. A beautiful 1st half lovely French music beautifully sung, how could that be equalled in the second half? But it was. With enchanting, poignant melodies exquisitely sung. Both singers were accompanied by wonderfully talented musicians."

"Really enjoyable - my first time at the Ale House concerts."

"Excellent entertainment skillful musicians. Please end on a happy note! Perfect venue, great evening. Thanks!"


"Very good, great music. Well organised & lovely feel to the place."

"First half: tres jolie. Second half beautiful and moving."


"A fantastic evening. Our first time. Great!"

Ray Stroud

"Superb evening. What a treat to hear quality music in a lovely setting."

Charlie Dore with Julian Littman At The Colwall Ale House, 16 May 2015, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Brilliant! Bring Charlie Dore and Julian Littman back!!"

"Great, unusual venue, fun, intimate."

"Fantastic - when are they returning? We go to a wide range of events but this was up there with the very best - a very talented trio."

"Really good. Lovely atmosphere."

"Brilliant. So intimate, up close and personal."

"Excellent. Sound levels were particularly good allowing proper enjoyment."


"Excellent - our first time here. A jewel by the hill."


The James Watson & Patsy Gamble Band, Appleby Kinsey, 25 Apr 2015, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Absolutely amazing. Transported ..."

"Sublime music, special musicians, unique venue. A privilege to be in such company."

INCA At The Ale House, 21 Mar 2015, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Excellent, exceeded our expectation by miles. Inca were fantastic."

"Wonderful. Simply a 'one-off' experience."



"Amazing! Where did you find them?"

"Loved Inca. Flute playing incredible!"

THE ALE HOUSE CHRISTMAS CONCERT with Appleby Kinsey & Madi Stimpson, 20 Dec 2014, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night



"We wassailed with great gusto & I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"Brilliant. Loved the mince pies (thanks Jan) and ambiance."

"Very good. Good combination."

"Enjoyed the music. It was very amiable."

"The venue was gorgeous, looked so pretty. Mince pies were the best ever! Thank you!"

"Warm friendly listening to talented musicians. Venue excellent, has character & acoustics good, layout good, decor good."

"Really enjoyed it! Thank you! Lovely music mince pies etc. Thought the two lady musicians [Ed: Catherine Kinsey and Emma Stone of Appleby Kinsey] had lovely mellow voices. All very talented and pleasant to chill to."

"Lovely venue - very cosy."

"Loved Appleby Kinsey. Very good blend. Lovely venue. Delicious mince pies and mulled wine."

"Lovely. Nice ambiance, setting, mood, tone, loudness. Great music."

"Warm, mellow. Loved the double bass x 2."

"Two great performances. Madi Stimpson wonderful jazz guitar. Appleby Kinsey, super singing, balance and accompaniment."

"High performance from first and second bands."

"Another great evening of beautiful jazz. A little spoilt by the distracting behaviour of people in front of us."

"Lovely venue. Need people in front to stop moving about so can enjoy watching. Wonderful music."

"Very good. Nice range of music from both sets."

Responses to a request for comments on ways to improve the event

"Can't think of any. Would definitely come again."

"Nothing. Wish my mince pies were that good. Well done!"

"Website very good, venue and event good, excellent."


"Dress code of group could be brighter! A little too much amplification on the bass."

"Lovely venue. Very cosy."

"Not much to improve. Possibly better lighting from car park. Save up for new chairs." [Ed: The lighting of the path from the car park will be improved for future concerts. I'm afraid we're probably stuck with the chairs.]

"Website fine. The venue was gorgeous, looked so pretty. Mince pies were the best ever. Thank you!"

"Would be good to have fliers with info on the bands playing, & upcoming gigs next year." [Ed: good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.]

Dave Pilla, Eleni Mylona At The Ale House, 22 Nov 2014, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night


"Absolutely brilliant."

"Excellent. Superb artists."

"Great music in a lovely setting. Both artists were great."

"We really enjoyed both very contrasting singers."

"It was very good!"

"Dave Pilla was excellent. Just the sort of music we like."

"Really great, prefer groups though. Nice and warm and bright."

Responses to a request for comments on ways to improve the event

"Can you improve on perfect?"

"Last time I said about not being able to print tickets - not getting email tickets. It worked fine this time (on the PC) last time was on my phone."

[Ed: Tickets have always been emailed to the address you give on the payment form. If they don't arrive it is most likely because that address was erroneous. If tickets don't arrive by email please use the contact form to notify me of this and I will resend the tickets to the address you give.]

[Ed: The site has been modified to make it more smartphone friendly now. The print button now does not appear on mobile screens. Printing is possible on smartphones, for example using Google Cloud. It is a function of the web browser you use and the set-up of your phone not the web site.]

"Would be good if food or drink was available to buy etc as didn't know it was BYOB"

"Maybe drink & food e.g. currys"

[Ed: Sorry but selling food and drink is not going to be possible. Apart from the licencing issues, there is little or no physical space and time during the evening, nor during the set-up and clearing-up, to fit it in. The posters and the email containing the tickets inform about an event being BYOB and an email was issued to the earlier ticket-buyers about this (to the irritation of at least one.) The web site, on this occasion failed to mention it. My apologies for that.]

"Please could you supply some extra cushions!"

[Ed: Yes, there are more cushions available than seats set out for the concerts. We will make sure these are available to those who want them in future. The seating is provided by the venue owners.]

"Keep two distinct halves of about 45-50 mins each with break in middle. Evening rather too long. 10:00pm finish about right."

[Ed: noted. Thank you all for the feedback.]

Mo Foster and Friends Live, 8 Nov 2014, 8 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night




"Great music and intimate atmosphere"


"Simply the best - didn't want it to end. Thank you"

"Excellent. When it came to paying on the web I wasn't sure about "Stripe" [Ed. Stripe is completely secure and is used by many other retail web sites who perhaps don't make it plain that Stripe is being used. Our preference is to make it more obvious what is actually going on during the payment process. The process is explained on the "More" page. Any suggestions on how to improve this would be welcome. Thanks for the feedback.]

"Very enjoyable"

"Very pleasant"

"Fabulous. Great talent, great performance"

"Wonderful music - lovely setting"

"Superb. "Would it be possible to email the ticket back to the buyer. After I'd got to the pay page (on my phone) it said 'PRINT' the ticket, but that's not possible on a phone & then no going back."

[Ed. The ticket is emailed to the address given on the payment form. I appreciate that the instruction to print is not helpful on a mobile, and the information that the ticket has been emailed is presented later, requiring a scroll. I will make changes to that aspect of the interaction. Thank you for your feedback on this.]



"Excellent! Wonderful venue, superb musicians. Maybe just us but had the incorrect postcode - did anyone else find this an issue?"

"We know Mo and so knew the music would be great! And so is the venue! Brilliant atmosphere :-)

Used postcode on flyer - it was probably our mistake, so were nearly late!" [Ed. The postcode for the Ale House is WR13 6HJ as correctly given on the poster, flier and web site. We also provide a google map pinpointing the location of the Ale House and textual instructions. Is this perhaps a problem with satnav performance?]

"Absolutely brilliant!"

"Brilliant. Didn't know I liked jazz" [Ed. :-)]

"Ab fab. Make sure Stripe works next time" [Ed. Sorry, there was an unexplained problem with the web site for a day on October 31st.]

"Excellent. Venue was amazing & atmosphere."

"A new experience for me - much enjoyed."

Karen Bates at The Ale House, with Appleby Kinsey, 20 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night


"Fab! Really great!"

"Most enjoyable. Charming venue"

"Super venue, good musicianship. Great for Colwall to have quality like this. Why the late start?" [Ed. Apologies for this. We delayed the start because we were waiting for a party of five who had bought tickets online. In fact they never turned up.]


"Excellent music and value"

"100% delightful - can't wait for the next one. Please keep the venue just the way it is (perfect)"

"Great evening! Great musicians! Really pleasantly surprised! [Ed: on ways to improve:] Bring your own seat cushions"

"Good fun, very well organised & great standard of performance/audience engagement"

"Excellent and varied instrumental talent from Appleby Kinsey, vocal Karen Bates"

"A fab evening's entertainment in a cosy intimate place - what's not to like? + an excellent payment method [Ed: on the web site]"

"Superb music. Fantastic music but we need a longer break, softer chairs or shorter sessions"

"Perfect, fun! Venue could do with more comfortable chairs"

[Ed: point taken about the chairs being uncomfortable for some people. Personally I find them very comfortable, but it probably depends on your shape! A solution will be sought.]

"Do not like some of Karen's lyrics"

James Watson & Patsy Gamble Band, with Appleby Kinsey, 17 May 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Wonderful music. Top venue - Keep it up! Thanks."

"Very pleasurable evening, amazing music very personable and enjoyable. Thank you very much. Appleby Kinsey were especially good."

"Loved it! Would come to anything like this again. Vocals were wonderful - just loved that hanging back behind the beat. Superb material. Where does the band perform regularly (locally) please.

"An atmospheric evening of fabulous, exciting music in a unique venue. The moths came in through the window & danced with delight. Loved it!" : Siou

"Fantastico! Wonderful atmosphere, superb ambience, the music was good too!"

"Music very folky and jazzy ... Great!! Lovely rhythms & atmosphere" : Birmingham Gerald Zimbabwe

"Excellent - surpassing expectations - really loved the unity of the first group [Ed: Appleby Kinsey] together - lovely melodies and harmony of female voices. Lovely intimate venue though a little restricted - especially if you all grow in popularity. Many thanks."

"Appleby Kinsey: very enjoyable and soulful. Particularly liked the lady on the wind instruments [Ed: Emma Stone]. James Watson & Patsy Gamble Band: Excellent, highly original and very soulfull" (South African)"

"A real treat - thank you. Wine and nibbles a lovely extra."

Neil Poulter

"The evening was artistically perfect."